Our Beautiful, New Bookshelf is complete

When you are traveling renovations are a celebration of a beautiful symphony of time, money and resources playing together.. You can’t say, ” Hey, I think I will make a bookshelf today so I will go to my neighbourhood builders supply, hang out with some fellow builder amateurs and make my beautiful shelf.” No, it just doesn’t happen that way when you are traveling.

Here is how it happened for us.

We established our need – we have books. our particle board shelves are falling off the wall and it all looks cluttery.

We drew or design – aaah a bit of style.

Then, we decide to build.

It is now over a month ago now. While we were in Germany Andrew was gone for a week so I filled up my time with deconstructing our disintegrating old shelves and start building new ones. I got as far as a “shelf skeleton” and secured the books with “plumbers tape” so my kids wouldn’t be showered with books on their next journey. Now, just to let you know, plumbers tape and duct tape are diy motorhome essentials.

Now, shortly after, we started heading for a land where builders’s supply stores took on a new look. One that was hard to identify where to buy a nice sheet of ply to finish off the job. So…. last week I just about jumped out of the truck when I saw a “pile of ply” next to the road. A few days later, Me and Abi took a nice trip on the bus and had some beautiful ply delivered to our camping ground.

After very careful measuring over and over by the families old dislecsic, me, and lots of noise which annoyed little old men with their afternoon game of “Okay”. Taking a break to offer Turkish delight to the old men with their afternoon game in order to go with their cup of apple tea. Our masterpiece is complete. Well, not quite a masterpiece, but we like it.


  • Vahid Azarafza on October 26, 2011

    It’s really nice. You’ve got some skill Debbie and Andrew. I was there the day you were building it. It’s nice to see the result.
    Vahid, Iran

  • rachel on October 17, 2011

    love it!

  • Josh Hopping on October 17, 2011

    Cool – I like the way you built lids over everything to keep the books for falling out (a necessity, I sure, of a mobile bookshelf).