Parachute Festival

Had a really great time at Parachute Festival in New Zealand. For the several days before we stayed at Megan’s house where we got to hang out with the band, “Alaska”.

The girls liked them so much that they sought out every one of their performances. What a rush when their last performance was on the main stage.


Hannah had a tight schedule of experiences lined up for the event. This included a little jaunt around the pool in a large hamster ball with TJ. You know sometimes you think “only in my dreams” and then you see it.

I really liked spending time with Rachel and Nigel. We got to know them because she sent me an email on this blog. We met first in Alabama, USA and now here on the other side of the world. For 19 years they have funded their New Zealand trip each year with this little stall in the festival called “comb over hair”. Me and the girls spent alot of time with them at their stall. It was quite hypnotising watching all the transformations.

Check out this guys bleached design that even goes through his beard. To look at, this festival is alot more mainstream than many of the other festivals we go to. Thanks to Rachel and Nigel the festival is alot more colourful by the end. It even came quite close to home. In our family, all but Andrew have an altered appearance thanks to them.

Another highlight was seeing Doro, from Germany and Freakstock. Turned out she also knows Megan’s family who are connected to the Alaska band.

What fun when our worlds collide.


I think the girls may have had more fun after the festival.

In order to get into the festival for free we joined Ross’s takedown crew. We never imagined it would be so much fun. It was really hard work cleaning up and loading the containers to Ross’s precise standards. Ross has a team of mostly dairy farming families working for him. I tell you, farmers and farmers kids sure know how to work hard. We are really sore but feel great after a few days of hard work. TJ is now wanting to have a farm.

I think the quad bike may have had something to do with it.

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  • Keith Kennedy on February 9, 2011

    Hahaha… Parachute is awesome, im glad you guys had fun, im jealous on hannah and tj i was to big to use the balls. and yes alaska and Avalanche City were awesome, weren’t they 🙂