Photos of Rock on Christmas

rocposterhamPromised some photos of Rock on Christmas and Alana and here they are. I am blogging from Cafe Chinta in Armaceo de Pera. The nice gentleman who runs this cafe says, “tell all your friends to come to my cafe and get free internet.” Anyways back to the photos.  Our truck became a billboard. We covered it with posters on 3 sides and parked it at the edge of the street in front of the warehouse.

rocstage The stage came around on Friday morning.

rocgenNext came the generator. Andrew was drooling. Then he realized the generator had an inferior engine to Maggie’s engine. His mind started spinning about Maggie generating enough energy for some future festival in some sort of obscure location around the world.

rocboband Now time to bring in some musicians. 8 bands worth. Great people to hang out with.


Hannah “helping out” Rob Cassells with his sound check.


Sam and Donald … uuuuhhhh … working hard on video.


Look who came to see us. Cindy! We love cindy. Me and Andrew met her when she was 14 in Australia. We are so glad she is still in our lives!!!


  • Debbie on December 28, 2009

    Thank you Dixie we will check it out

  • Dixie on December 28, 2009

    Hope you all had a good festival,I would have been in Portugal but need a headgasket (for the camper-not me!!) Check out the famous Carlos near Lidl on the road to Gibralter .Half price ferry tickets to Morocco.I hope to be on banana beach by mid Jan, dixie- frozen in Ireland