Planking in Ephesus

Have you ever heard of planking? Having the privilege of multiple teenagers under one roof I have.

We have been to Troy and hung out of the windows of the horse replica, smelled the sweetness of figs as we meander among ancient pillars and steps while listening to the song of the Imam calling the faithful to prayer.

We have slept in the shadow of ancient Pergamom. Listening to the cries of the donkeys, waking to the cries of the roosters. Walked among the carefully placed numbered puzzle pieces as the ancient city is reassembled. Made us want to work our own puzzle.

Here we are in Ephesus. Marvel of Roman Architecture. Among the throngs of rude american tourists I lost my family. Sitting on a stone at the gate of Heracles, next to the angelic ‘Nike’ while my girls sat in the shade in front of the ancient library, taking a short break only to go ‘planking’ in less preserved areas of the ancient city. What is planking? Laying facedown on random objects. Extreme planking is laying down on very small objects. This morning Abigail may have been lured away from ‘planking’ with the possibility of ‘batmaning’. She got a twinkle in her eye as Hannah described ‘batmaning’ as hanging upside-down from your toes.