Our Family

Our Family

5 kids. A mum and dad. And now a daughter in law. Not to mention some brave non-related truck dwellers.  [nzs_heading heading=”4″] Meet our Family [/nzs_heading]

Our Story

25+ years on the road and sea. Here more about our story. [nzs_heading heading=”4″] View our Story Page [/nzs_heading]


There is a famous graffiti wall at a punk squat in Koln, Germany. We stayed there for a month. Hannah meticulously collected the mostly empty cans to created her own piece of art before we left. Check out our other German adventures. 


We did the coast to coast trip, again, but this time we bought a station wagon for $300 in Baltimore and drove it the West Coast. We LOVED it. And it was great for the kids to visit their grandparents in Oregon. 3 months went really quick. Our USA adventure here. 

Czech Republic

The skull church in Kutna Hora, attracts a lot of interesting people. When the floods subsided thousands of skeletal remains had to be disposed of, found art was the solution the monks found. Czech out our other Czech adventures.


In the Sahara desert we were invited to drink mint tea with some nomads in their camel hair tent Very friendly people. Read about our other Moroccan adventures, including getting chased by drug dealers in the Rif Mountains and Abi’s freak blue-mud diving accident.


Turkey is an amazingly historic and beautiful country, especially if you like ancient ruins and famous old cities. Highlights for us were the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and camping down at Circali. Read about our Turkey moments here.

New Zealand

Driving right on the beaches and sitting in natural hot pools are among the highlights of New Zealand. And, of course, visiting the country where Andrew (Dad) was born. Come and read some of our New Zealand adventures.  


In Bali, Indonesia, we joined a group of young activists to help remove the stigma against AIDS sufferers. In this photo are Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims all united around a common cause. See what else we got up to in Indonesia on our blog.


We really loved Macedonia and our favourite place was Lake Ohrid. Its a wonderfully serene and historic lake. We got to swim and kayak but even better, we explored the cave churches where monks used to gather to worship hundreds of years ago.