Portugal – Fundao area – catch up

Our arrival was on Easter morning getting stuck on too small of a road in the center of a small village in a Catholic country on Easter Sunday morning at the end of Mass. I experienced a major paradigm shift from being embarrassed to learning to laugh at the most embarrassing of situations. A major breakthrough in a life of unexpected experiences and adventure. easter.jpg

The village was full of these traditional older people. Friendly, hospitable and wonderful. Felt like going back in time.


Barbara bbqing fish from the fish van. Communal kitchen in the background. No mains anything. Had to build a fire under the bathtub to take a hot bath – or jump in the lake. The toilet…. well…. lets say it involved sawdust and a couple of long pieces of wood to sit across. Creativity that should be admired



Schooltime around the kitchen table.


TJ and Hannah spent hours on Nono the donkeys back while he grazed in the Olive grove. He is a cheeky donkey always trying to steal used coffee grounds out of the compost or put his head on your shoulder to steal a muffin from your hand.