Portugal – Lisbon – catch up

We went to Lisbon area, Cascais, for an unexpectedly long time. We hung out with american missionary families and had our truck worked on. casfriends.jpg

Had some time to sew a new invention called a hotdog to organize our tents. Our truck was gone for almost a month for repairs.

Abi is sewing and Hannah is on the handcrank.

Abi and Hannah both caught fish at “Boca de Inferno” – The mouth of hell is the literal translation. Abi caught some sardines. Hannah caught a strange fish that was typically found further south in the Algarve.

Dad is taking aim at one of the wild cats that stole a fish off of the hot bbq.


Races through the dunes. Sam is in the back with Alana on his back. I think they are loosing.

The dunes made us feel like we were in “Lawrence of Arabia”. We posed appropriately.

Lots of eating. Denny and Maureen (left) always spoiling us rotten.

Making bubbles in the park in Lisbon.