Remembering my Dad

Today started with a ride around the lake with my sister, Pam. We were both awake early. Even after my 25 hour journey from Prague to Portland. The boat ride was short so that we could work on photos of my dad and make a playlist some old gospel tunes. ‘How great thou art’, ‘ The old rugged Cross’. My dad’s favourite ones. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of the family gathering around the family piano while my dad played old hymns from that old orange hymn book. His voice booming in perfect harmony.

Time to remember.

We are now all back at my sister’s house. The kids are out on the lake. Christian is taking the chicken off the BBQ.

Time to eat.

Andrew and the kids sent an email to say that they dressed in black and had a bacon and egg breakfast to remember grandad today.

Time to remember.

My dad has moved on. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, 4 kids and 16 grandchildren.