Save like a Grandma

When Andrew and I got married we got the most wonderful gift from his mum. It was a lovely homemade duvet cover. It was an assortment of fabric squares sewn together. After looking at it on our bed Andrew noticed fabric that reminded him of an old shirt he had, another reminded him of his mum’s old skirt and his sister’s old dress. This made the gift extra special. I was very impressed.

When I was young I remember looking at an older man’s workshop and would see jars and jars of old nails that had been hammered out of pieces of wood that were destined for the wood pile.

If you go to some old op shops ( charity shops) you can sometimes still see knots of old zippers with bits of thread along the edges from a former life or buttons tied up with some wool.

Have you ever seen someone pull apart an old cardigan to unravel the wool to make a larger one for a growing child?

The excuse for these people is normally that they had seen the Great Depression. I think that in the core of their being they were very clever, creative and frugal. They refused to enter into the modern, disposable world.

What clever people can you remember?