Sidi Ifni, the bluest town in Morocco

Sidi Infi a quiet and peaceful break from the hectic cities and we found ourselves coming back to it again, on the way north from Guilmim. Love this place. If your favourite colour is blue, then Sidi Ifni is your town.


Limited wild camping here, which involves parking on the large market green in the town but it was a souk day so we went to a camping park.

Best place?? Apart from a number of smaller campsites up on the hill, there are three campsites by the beach just north of the town. Camping Solymar was the cheapest for our family (70 DM) and has great bathrooms. We stayed there last time. Camping El Barco is closer to the beach but the extra charges brought the total fee to about 135 DM so we decided against it. Camping Sidi Ifni which sits between the two was the best option. 95 Dms for the night and nice French people, mostly retired. Toilets didn’t work well but it was the best choice. No regrets.

If I was backpacking, I would stay at Hotel Suerte Loca, just up the hill from the campgrounds. Good breakfast there also.


Gotta love that cobalt blue!