Squatter and Kermit

Have discovered a traditional Australian game that we love. Jules introduced it to us. It is called “Squatter”. It is a game about sheep farming that replaces the american optimism with lots of doom, despair and misery. They say it is “realistic”. I guess it would be with footrot, broken fences and  almost continuous drought. We do love it though. The game ends when one player gets their sheep to irrigated land and fully stocks the pens.

We have also been enjoying all the beautiful birds. There are colourful birds everywhere. Green, yellow, pink, all the colours you are used to seeing only in cages. When we go out for walks the girls will rush to identify the local birds or feathers.

The bird above is named “Kermit”. He is Lisa’s bird. Or she is Oscars personal chef. Who knows. Oscar is wild and he comes to visit several times a day. He announces his arrival with his “squeeky toy song”. He entertains with additional songs and dancing on the bannister. If the food and water are low or if he is wanting an addition to the diet, say, a slice of apple, he squacks until his treat is delivered. Lisa says she used to have a budgie in a cage but found it too sad. She much prefers a wild pet who is free to fly about at will.


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  • Joanna on April 19, 2011

    We were in Perth over Christmas for our daughter’s wedding and like you were amazed at the multitude of coloured birds just flying over. Right at the end of our daughter’s wedding a flock of parrots flew over, not something that happens too often in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Have you seen some of the statues dotted around Perth? I loved spotting them