Surreal Spaces

Do you sometimes feel like you are caught in a surreal space. Somewhere between reality and a dream-like trance. Seems I find myself in that place often. I am currently sitting in front of our truck in the centre of an exhibition space at a festival with over 100,000 attendees. Not sure why we are parked here. We just parked where we were told to go, at P2-JZ1020.

Nice to be back in our truck after so many months away.  She was a little worse for wear when we returned. Having hosted a field mice festival in our absence seems to have taken a toll on her, our clothes, bedding, tarps and tents. Lizzy might get a good children’s book out of it, she has already begun to write it in her mind. The story might even have a feature on her “pom-pom bag”. The pom-poms were carefully removed from her favourite bag and redistributed around the truck.

The mice did have a bit of a repreave from their festivities when some two-legged visitors came in to help themselves to some items they thought they needed. They took some things that would be expected, like speakers, solar inverter, power tools, printer and projector, but some things that would not be expected, like Lizzy’s party shoes and my box of beads from around the world. Another bizarre image comes to mind of a man dancing around the truck in Lizzy’s bejewelled high-heels.

During our few day in Prague we visited with our dear friends, cleaned up the best we could, and encouraged  the mice to vacate. TJ unsuccessfully pleaded a case to promote a couple of them to “pet mouse” status.

We seemed to have limped into Germany. Wires dangling from various points on the wall, the few clothes we have left are seeming more tattered with the dissapointment of what is left. Judging myself for not being creative, or patient enough to patch the uncountable holes in my beautiful striped canvas awning.  Actually I think I was just too discouraged. We are really tired from flying and cleaning up and the loss. We thought that we might get a bit of down time while Andrew was off teaching on blogging.

Seems to be strange that when we are at our weakest we are put on exhibition. Quite literally this time.

If you are here at the festival in  the centre of Dresden you can find us between the Greenpeace and the World Vision booths.


  • debbie on June 10, 2011

    you are very right about our things. our greatest treasures are each other and all are fine. thanks.

  • Pippa on June 6, 2011

    I am so sorry to hear for your losses, but they are only things, that can be replaced or remembered. Glad you had a great time travelling minus the wagon. I follow you with a smile on my face and a longing in my heart. Thank you! Take care x x