New Zealand Roadschooling

A Young Adventure-Zoologist’s Fantastic Weekend

Sometimes you look and see a great time unfolding for your roadschooled/worldschooled child and can’t help smile right down to your soul. Last weekend was such a weekend for TJ.

Blue penguin in nestbox  |  Photo: Dave Houston

It started by finding some Conservation Zoologists modifying nesting boxes for the small blue penguins while wild camping around the edges of Wellington. TJ took off for the morning to replace penguin boxes and do some research to find places to put new ones. The penguin boxes are needed because of the city inhabitants taking over more of their native habitat not to mention an improved roadway to cross at night. The new penguin boxes had thermostats, improved ventilation and more secure braces to keep the roof from becoming dislodged.

TJ came home from her zoology outing with just enough time to pack her backpack and took a train to Waikanae. The next day she was climbing Mt Kapakapanui with Joyia, Lydia, Amanda and Laura. They spent the night in a hut with other trampers discussing the local shortage of marshmallows around the bonfire. They were lucky to score beds as the 6 bed hut had 20 trampers to house. Luckily some brought tents and others happily slept on the floor. The next morning they tramped down that mountain. (probably quite a bit easier than up on the previous day).

On Monday evening she was back at the truck exhausted but glowing and full of stories to tell her proud family. Well done TJ!!!