Morocco TJs Writing

Going on the Slides

Hello, I’m the youngest Jonesberries. I’m TJ. Do you see the 3 girls up there on the yellow, blue and green slide? That’s me, Hannah and Abi.


Oh, do you see that yellow and green stripy slide. That’s the best slide. We call it the toilet bowl . That is Alana on it. She has the family record for going around the toilet bowl the most times. She went around 5 times. Dad tried all day to beat Alana’s record but he could only do 4. The big orange slide is really cool too. Well, I think so.

At the beginning of the day, I was too scared to go on any of the slides ,except for the little blue slide at the other side of the park. At the end of the day I did all of the slides.

Oh,  did I remind you this was my 8th birthday party.