Berlin – catching up

In Berlin we saw Kerstin. Check out her great bike. It may not look like it at present but this is a game of Uno. Still the game of Uno. Hmmmm. We always love a trip to the Berlin Zoo. Andrew, always taking photos. Hannah feeding the animals. Well, the last photo. Could you resist […]

The Scrawny Chicken

There was a funny chicken that went over the fence. There were naughty boys throwing rocks at it so me and mum and Abi and Liz went to save it. There were different ways for it to run away but finally mum caught it and put it over the fence with the other animals. TJ

Me and my animals

Me and my family went to a cool campground near Barcelona, Spain. It had animals and we camped right next to them. There were lots of animals. Like goats, and chickens and horses, and two donkeys, even sheep. I got to feed the animals. Goats like spaghetti. There was also a pool. There was a […]