Roadschooling Spain

Dali, Dali, Dali

We made it to the Dali Museurm. The Surrealism dude. The painter and sculptor. The show off. Sam and Liz will be upset but we got them postcards. We all had a great time and went through in our old way.

Alana and Abi running around mumbling, “Dali, Dali, Dali!” with the glee of little girls. Quickly twirling from painting to sculpture, from ceiling to floor.

Hannah, in solitude and deep thought contemplating the extreme rebel and individuality in his creativity.

Andrew, with a book in one hand contemplating the complexity, intelligence, the spirituality and references to other artists.

Me and TJ wandered around together made a great time to talk about a person that wasn’t as concerned with what people thought. He didn’t care if people thought it was pretty or silly. He was his own person. Making things that said what he wanted to say or were just plain silly. And TJ loved to hear that Dali’s bones were buried there. Dali seemed to like bones too, and rocks.

I wasn’t aware of how he worked so much with found objects. Even the building was recycled.

Well worth a visit. We noticed that at 2:00 alot of the bored school kids left and the museum was alot less crowded. Worth noting for future museum visits.