Are We Going Fast or Slow?

HE THINKS we are going slow because we stop stop and park when it is dark. I SAY we are going fast because I can’t see many stars because of the overhead lights at the truck stop. HE THINKS thinks we are going slow because he sleeps in late in the morning. I SAY we […]

Big Road Adventures in the Western U.S.

So, now safely in Oregon. Oh, the sights that we saw. We were quite well looked after with our full-service pit stop crew. We were well motivated with our dashboard mascot. Isn’t she photogenic. We had interesting diversions along the road. We saw lots of cotton harvesting into huge cotton cakes. We felt motivated and […]

Lost in Rif

When we were considering coming to Morocco. I had but one limitation. Let’s not go to the Rif mountains. Worse than going through the Rif mountains, of course, would be getting lost in them. Now, the Rif mountains are probably one of the most stunningly scenic areas we have seen so far. High mountains, terraced […]