Wild Camping in Turkey

There seems to be two places to wild camp in Turkey: the beach and the forest. We went to the forest and found a sweet little spot for the evening. Really beautiful. And quiet.

We Love Turkey

We love Turkey. What can we say. Other travelers have told us how Turkey leaves them with a sense of awe. How much they love Turkey. Well, we have joined the club. We raced to Turkey to have some great experiences with Sam before he left us, once again, to go to New Zealand and […]

We are the Jones family

We are pilgrims on unpaved roads living creatively openly frugally outrageously to bring lasting peace and friendship to the global fringe. We are the Jones family: Andrew, Debbie, Lizzie, Abi, Hannah, TJ and Sam.

Camping in New Zealand

Forget hotels unless you want to go from city to city and New Zealand has way more to offer than its cities. Camping is the way to go. If you are two people the best way to explore New Zealand is in one of the many varieties of campervan we see scouring the country. You […]