Organic River Festival

We are headed over to the Organic River Festival. Its our first time at this “holistic” festival and I think we will have a good time here. Not sure about the wifi situation there so we might pop off the grid again for a few days.

Surreal Spaces

Do you sometimes feel like you are caught in a surreal space. Somewhere between reality and a dream-like trance. Seems I find myself in that place often. I am currently sitting in front of our truck in the centre of an exhibition space at a festival with over 100,000 attendees. Not sure why we are […]

Passionfest and Colliding Worlds

Just outside of Wellington now. We have come to a place called Ngatiawa. You know how we are borrowing David’s van in New Zealand? Well, he thought we would like their festival, “Passionfest” and the community here. He was spot on. We didn’t realize until we got here that this is the place Rachel and […]