Well, once again we were to be found at The Freakstock Festival in Germany. We think this makes 9 years we have gone. We didn’t plan to come back for the very next year but here we are. First we had to reunite the family. Sam is back after about a year and a half […]

Piercing and Pizza

Just been to Freakstock Festival again. We aren’t too sure how many times we have been yet. There is some discrepancy with the family historians. Dad says 7 times. Abi says 9 times. I say ALOT OF TIMES. Back at the Coptic Monastary/military base. Lots of people!!! Lots of really cool trucks and creative people […]

Freakstock – catch-up

More amazing people at Freakstock. Old and new friends. Some New friends were “The Violet Burning“. Our paths crossed in 3 countries.   Russ, the DJ from London, teaching Abi bike maintenance. Anika brought out some instruments at the back of the truck. Michael from “The Violet Burning” takes video of Eric singing one of […]