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Housetrucks in NZ

During our NZ trip I was looking for housetrucks and buses that were still being used and lived in. I had seen them in books from the 1970’s, and of course from Mr Sharkeys housetruck page, but I was wondering if there were other housetrucks, weird truck conversions, house-buses, and if they still traveled the roads of NZ. I found quite a few. Here are the best ones.

Amazing house-truck. Found at Gypsy Fair in Nelson. The owner is a wood-worker and sells small wooden toys and gadgets.

This house truck was found at Parachute Festival in Hamilton. Also blogged here at TSK.

This couple were at Passion Fest in Waikanae. They bought this house truck in Nelson and drove it to the North Island to live in it. They just bought a section of land and hope to park this truck on it soon.

Now thats a HUGE bus and an amazing addition. Gypsy Fair, Nelson.

Also Gypsy Fair in Nelson. This guy built it out himself. He sells candy floss and Russian fudge.

Love this truck! Found at Gypsy Fair in Nelson.

Parachute Festival in Hamilton. This couple, Nigel and Rachel, have another house-bus in USA as a second mobile home.