Gabi’s Budapest

Arrived in Budapest. Hanging with our friend Gabi. We LOVE Gabi.

She gave us  the “Gabi Tour” of Budapest which includes all the best Jewish sites and history. We paused at the entrance to the Synagogue entrance where the 60,000 Jews were gathered before being sent to Auschwitz. We walked thru the streets that were the Jewish ghetto.

Gazed at the metallic willow tree whose metal leaves contained the names of 60,000 Jews that died in the holocaust. We ate traditional Budapest sweet-cakes in a very old bakery in the Jewish quarter.

We saw the building where the very progressive Jewish house-group meets

and the very cool “drawing clubs” they go to afterwards. Why are they called drawing clubs? Here is a hint.

Hannah  was the family photographer for this trip and here are some other very important things of essential Budapest must-sees.We love getting tours from friends that show us what they love about their city. Learning why they love their city. What makes their hearts beat faster. This was no exception.



We tried to stop in Serbia, honestly we did. We tried to stop in Nis and see the “skull tower” but couldn’t find the city. Really! We tried to stop at the new, modern campground in Belgrade but….. We tried to stop in Novi Sad but missed another big city next to the freeway. We made it to the  border and after spending an hour of going from row to row because they couldn’t decide if we are a bus or a truck or a car we left Serbia. Without meeting a single friendly person we left Serbia. Just must not be our time for Serbia. It was almost like we were chased through.

After no mans land. BtW TJ loves “no mans land”. She will scream out “are we in no mans land? Yea!… we are nowhere!” We made it through the border and I saw lots of little stalls selling vignettes. We weren’t sure what a vignette was but, learning by experience, we stopped the car and looked in our handy, dandy guidebook to see if we needed one. We did need one. It is a compulsary highway tax. We have been fined before for missing a highway tax in Austria and decided to get ours ASAP.

We made it through to Hungary in the evening. We were tired and Hungry (he, he, he, really we were). We went to the first city/town in Hungary. The first campground was closed. Probably due to flooding. 10 km to the next campground. Ooops! It is for naturists (nudists). Naw. not right now. Third one is a spring.

The kids have now declared this to be their favourite campground ever! We are having a nice relaxing Sunday with a beautiful roast chicken.

A spring-fed pool with a couple of slides.

An adventure playpark. TJ and Hannah running back and forth between the pool and the park. Yelling out as they change their clothes from bathers to shorts and back again, “This is the best day EVER!”
Tall trees.
A  roast chicken dinner slowly cooking away in the oven. You savour the aroma as you wait for the taste on your lips. Mmmmmm.
Abigail pops peach muffins in the oven when the chicken comes out. Made with fresh peaches from the side of the road.
Birds singing and little hedgehogs moving about in the grass.
Toilet paper and sit-down toilets.
You know sometimes it is the simple things that make you happiest.
These places always seem to come at just the right time. Right after those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.
Hope your Sunday is as nice and relaxing and refreshing as ours.