Party at the Truck in Ohrid

After 3 days of being away Andrew came back to the truck this morning with 3 dozen eggs, milk and 25 of his closest friends from the conference. It was a great day of

eating crepes,

hanging about


and boating.

Hannah had the great idea of renting one of the slide boats for an hour to accompany our canoe. As inevitably happens when you get a group of energetic young people together on a hot day in Macedonia. A splash war!

A great day with new and old friends from all over the world.


Spring Cleaning and Conference

Normal day today. Andrew in town for a 3 day conference. Kids working in their schoolbooks. Followed by extensive time in the lake with their tyre tubes. Just like what I used to spend days doing when I was a kid, so long ago. Amazing how a bit of old black rubber can make water so much more fun.

Andrew is in town having a great time, seeing old friends, making new ones, hearing stories and telling some.

Abi is customizing a t-shirt – again.

Hannah is reading – again.

TJ is orgainizing her locker – again. You can tell organization is not as big of a priority with Abi, who has the neighbouring locker.

Me, I foolishly woke up in a spring cleaning mood. I decided to do all the sheets and rugs today. WITHOUT A MACHINE! Oh yeah! Woke up feeling a bit like superwoman. Armed with running water into a trough, a bar of soap, a scrubbing brush, a board, a wringer (mangle) and buckets of dirty sheets, rugs and clothes. Unfortunately, we do not have spare sheets, so when I dumped the sheets in the buckets of water there was no turning back. Dang! Unknown to me, Our rug seemed to have been held together by the flood of dirt that emerged and has now sprouted many holes in one side. So, something will need to happen. One end will become a dog rug. What about the other end? A small rug in front of the sink? A decorative piece for the front dash? Perhaps a carpet bag? Just like Mary Poppins. I have always wanted a carpet back – but, honestly, don’t need one.

I now feel a bit less like superwoman and a bit more like Old Mother Hubbard. I am scruffy and sweaty but my sheets are clean and my rug has new possibilities.

Got the kids some inner tubes at a car shop. Just like I used to have when I was a kid. When it got just too hot for old mother hubbard I went in the water with my girls and the inner tubes of my youth and I am a kid again.


Macedonia – take 2

We ended up behind a bus at the Macedonian border. The bus was having problems getting through and angry bus passengers were everywhere. We showed our updated car documents in a fancy plastic folder. Andrew noted before that the truckers show a plastic sleeve with insurance documents, listing the names of the countries, showing on one side and ownership papers showing his name on the other. Andrew organized his paperwork accordingly and handed over the car documents and passports, including the dog passport. We got through the border without being asked to pay anything extra – including the special truck insurance they were asking for at the other border. I think we have been going through too many borders lately.

We have finally made it to Macedonia. Andrew will have his meeting and we can slow down the pace a bit.

His meeting is at Lake Ohrid. We spent the day in the town of Ohrid. Food is cheap here – even restaurants.

Saw some fun signs. Should we show it to Sam or do you think it will go to his head?

All the locals recommended staying at camp Gradiste about 30 km from the town. WOW!

Not too shabby of a campsite eh? When we came into the campsite we asked how much. He said he normally charges 10 euro for 2 people and a camping car. Andrew said, “we also have children and a dog.”

“Ahhhh, that’s ok, 10 euro”.

Oh yeah! 10 euro for this!

The facilities are pretty basic. We have electicity, washing up facilities, squat toilets, hot shower (notice I say singular hot shower, there are also 2 cold showers and 3 non-functioning showers). As we have noticed this seems typical for the post-communist world – the facilities can be a bit old-fashioned and run-down but it is very clean, inexpensive and run by people who are friendly and wonderful.

Had an amazing day. Taking out our little blow up boat on the lake and hiking around the coast.

There are these small areas along the coast connected by small, rickety bridges. In these little areas We found such great treasures.

There are clubs in some that open up for 2 months in the summer. If I was in my 20s I would love to discover such hidden clubs for hanging out with the locals. These clubs will start opening up in about a week. The only access to these clubs is the rickety bridges or the narrow stone steps leading up the cliff.

It was great going across these little walkways around the rocks. At one we found an old chapel. How old? Oh, only 1500s!!!

We lit some candles in there. Andrew said that he was lighting his for peace among religious people around the world.

The girls have spent alot of time by the edge of the lake.

and in the lake.

We have also spent alot of time in our little blow up boat. Even Inigo has gone out with us in the boat.

This morning me and Abi got up around 7 and took the boat to the town about 2 km away for groceries. Tomorrow it is Hannah and TJs turn with dad.

What a great place to spend a bit of time. It is beautiful, inexpensive, a bit rough and reasonably undiscovered.