Out of Africa and plans

Well… out of Morocco, at least. We made it to Tanger. Had pizza with Karim. Said goodbye to Karim and went to the ferry terminal. Not quite sure if we have this whole ferry thing worked out. Both times we are among the last to make it through the ferry terminal on the Morocco side. […]

Looking back on our time in Marrakech

Looking back on our time in Marrakech. What a great camping spot we had in our own little quiet corner in the centre of the city. Here are some thoughts. The Immam is SOOOO much better than Aourir. It is like waking up to an angel at 5 in the morning. I like this guy. […]

To wild camp or not to wild camp? Morocco

We are SUCH slow learners but we are finally starting to catch on. We continue to have bad experiences at traditional campgrounds. We normally meet some nice people but looking back, the fact is that we are weird and getting weirder is making it harder and harder to stay at normal campgrounds. These are our […]

New Tank and happenings in Aourir

Projected Lawrence of Arabia on the cement wall next to the truck on Friday night. Karim made a fire for us to cook our pizzas on a stick. Most of the people here at the garage came over to enjoy the movie with us. We all watched the movie until the power cut almost at […]

Going on the Slides

Hello, I’m the youngest Jonesberries. I’m TJ. Do you see the 3 girls up there on the yellow, blue and green slide? That’s me, Hannah and Abi.   Oh, do you see that yellow and green stripy slide. That’s the best slide. We call it the toilet bowl . That is Alana on it. She has […]

Dressing like a Woman in Morocco

Andrew was reading a book online that included bits about the changing role of women in the western world. I woke up this morning with my mind spinning with observations and questions from my time in Morocco so far. Unfortunately, not many answers but hey if we spend our lives rushing to answers we shortchange […]

Is Blogger Blocked in Morocco??

Hello – what’s going on?? I find it curious that blogspot, the world’s leading blog provider, cannot be accessed in Morocco right now. Can someone explain? Is there a censorship thing happening? A few of us here are having the same problem. I am using a Maroc Telecom USB stick – the same company that […]

Nice Days with no Crisis in Morocco

A more normal day yesterday. Abi was in a baking mood and made fresh bread, lemon cake and banana bread. All of our collapsable stove-top coleman stove. Oh yeah, I like it when Abi gets in a baking mood. TJ lost her second tooth and is unsuccessfully practicing her sssss sound. Abi woke up in […]

A Terrible and Wonderful day and Angels

Well, do you ever say it was one of those days. This is one of those days that is one in which you fall into bed at the end of it and try to block out thoughts of “what if”. You just dont want to go there. Here is our day. It started out just […]

A day in the life at Hassan’s Garage

As we are leaving Hassan’s wonderful garage we thought we would give you a glimpse into our day for the last several weeks. The day begins at 5 am here with the call to prayer bellowing from the mosque only a hundred metres away. I know the thought “hey cool. Praying at 5am. I might […]