Finished the Pilgrimage

Well, we did it. TJ walked 3 1/2 miles on the first day. Me, Abi and Hannah did 44 miles in 4 days. What a great time. What great people to walk with. So many new friends. The Gadsden Times did a little speal on us and the press helped us feel like celebrities. Check […]

Pilgrim Photos

Just finished 2nd day of walking. More than halfway through. Really tired but thot I would put up a few quick photos. A photo of most of the pilgrims. Uh, yes, why that is a volkeswagon on the top of our “Blister Bus”. This bus used to be a family home and is mid-conversion to […]

A Pilgrimage for Nomads

Well, we’re doing it. We are going to walk the 40 miles from Thursday to Sunday. Me, Abi, Hannah and TJ and oh so many more. Do you see the mischief we get up to when Andrew is away. We have come to Alabama to meet up with our friends, Al and Tina Nord, and […]