One Big Family

Here we go the Cosper side of the Jonesberry family. A big group huh.

Some of my favourite memories from this Christmas. Holding my new nieces and seeing my kids do the same. Thanks, Eric and Jenny, for being such nice relaxed parents that you let us hold your beautiful treasures, Lola and Grace. Playing games. Working a puzzle with my sisters. Baking cookies with family.  A great heartfelt conversation in front of the family photos with my brother, Eric, and my sister, Pam. We learned new things about our family past and our individual reactions to it.  Seeing all our kids together. Spending a lot of time with my sister, Pam, and her family. We are a year apart ,in age, and inseparable when we were younger. I think the closeness of our relationship gave us the courage to become complete opposites in our teens. Now that we are all grown up we are able to not avoid our differences, or each other because of them, but to enjoy our friendship in the celebration of our differences.