Czech Republic

My 50th Birthday Bash

Oh yeah! I think I am supposed to be hiding my age about now but I am so excited. I am 50 and am living the life I want to be living. I spent my birthday surrounded with my greatest treasures, my family and my friends. What could be better! We had friends fly into Prague from all over the world. Abigail, excelling in her gifts of social coordinator, arranged all the details and got everyone into one of Matthias’ amazing hostels (Sir Toby’s, Miss Sophies and Mosaic house) each hostel completely different and chosen to match the guest.

On the morning of my birthday we had a birthday brunch at Miss Sophies. Have I ever had such a breakfast? NO. Beyond what you can imagine. A wall full of beautiful nibblies of baked goods, muesli bar, fresh fruit etc. while dish after dish emerged in front of our eyes. Eggs, crispy bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, Pancakes and chocolate sauce, french toast with bananas and chocolate.

Matthias was truly in his element with Miss Sophies breakfast chef, Irena at his side. WOW!

Later in the day everyone made their way to the truck for another party and feast where Andrew was truly in his element in our outdoor kitchen making a killer goulash and a full grill of fry up while Abi made potato salad and Tina sat down to prepare a mountain of fresh fruit salad.

We finished off the day sharing my decade birthday tradition of a shared cuban cigar (I know wierd, long story). Is there any better way to spend a birthday. I think not!