New Zealand

Hello Grandma and Nana!

Can you believe we have been in New Zealand now for over 6 months and such a pathetic representation of blog posts. I suppose now that we aren’t traveling quite so much in “dangerous countries” there isn’t as much need to put up a blog post to say, “hey grandparents! We aren’t DEAD on the side of the road or captured by pirates or anything”.But, we do need to catch up to show that we are LIVING!

Let me catch things up. Actually, how about some pictures first. Just for the Grandmas.


We met up with Samuel in Wellington and did some more “hanging”.


We started out living in a great big circus Marquis while we were working on our yurt. Now, who has always wanted to live in a circus Marquis?


After a while we got to move into our yurt.





Here is the story.

First, of all, we are planning on doing some more traveling. We have our beloved truck, Maggie, here to fix her up for some more adventures in New Zealand and beyond. Did anyone say, Africa? Hmmmm, we shall see. All our kids were feeling a bit identity challenged and our older kids were wanting a bit of a softer way to fly the coop than to be tossed on to a plane and flown to the other side of the world. Sure they have 2 passports (New Zealand and USA) but they were unfamiliar with both of these places and were lacking a sense of home. When we flew around the world last year (or was it longer?) we asked them where they would like to call home. Their three main choices were USA, Australia and New Zealand. They unanimously chose New Zealand. So, here we are. We found a community about as crazy as us outside Wellington. Samuel arrived before us and is settled into Victoria University and studying Theatre/Film. Lizzy is moving to Wellington this month and Abi is in Prague learning “Hostel Management”, but plans to return in December and study “random things” at the local Polytech. I am homeschooling TJ and Hannah and trying to restart “Gone2Pot”. Andrew is busy writing some books and together we are trying to start an import/export business. We are living in our yurt with our truck, Maggie, parked next to us. We also plan on working on Maggie, taking advantage of some local “Kiwi Inginuity”, and taking her on her next adventures.

Hope to keep up better from here on out.

New Zealand

Maggie in New Zealand

We are thrilled to have our dear truck in New Zealand. It’s quite possibly the only Magirus Deutz truck in the country. Its been an amazing trip from North Africa, through Europe, into the Asian continent, and now here in NZ. Our next step will be to ship it to Cape Town and drive up through Africa back to Morroco and beyond. But we will be doing some modifications to the truck before then: Bigger windows with animal proof bars, a winch, and some better seals and interior touches. But the most important is to get NZ plates. We currently have UK plates and most people assume we are English. We want to represent New Zealand as a New Zealand family who are traveling the world. And the truck needs to be part of that.

You can see the NZTA and custom inspection stickers on the truck. Yes, it passed inspection!!!! Now to get it legal for road use.

You might be interested to know that we were contacted earlier this year by a TV company that makes shows for MTV. They were putting something together on families on the road and asked us to submit some video to see if we might be part of the show. I took a little video of our family and the truck. Not sure if we will make the final cut or not. Lets see.

A guy named Mike came to see us a few days ago and recognized the type of truck immediately. He had traveled through North Africa also and even stayed at some of the same communities in Europe as we did.



Well, once again we were to be found at The Freakstock Festival in Germany. We think this makes 9 years we have gone. We didn’t plan to come back for the very next year but here we are.

First we had to reunite the family.

Sam is back after about a year and a half away from the truck. He met the older girls in Scotland and journeyed back with them. Really great to have the family all together again.

Every year we seem to get closer to the noisiest part of the festival and have lots of friends, old and new, around for most of the time. Some highlights were…

Being with friends.  Old friends and new friends like clowns, physical theater artists, musicians and other artists and just plain ol’ amazing people.