Last days in Istanbul

Family is now in a couple of different places. It all happened quite quickly as the tickets weren’t booked until the crew came back from Van.

Andrew is going through Egypt. He is taking Natasha back to her dad. Lizzy and Abi went with dad for the sheer friendship and fun of it.

Not to be competitive or anything but Debbie, Priscilla, Hannah and TJ found a route taking  us through Delhi. So we elongated our layover in Delhi to a week.

I can’t speak for the Egypt group but the Delhi group is doing great. We tried out in Istanbul and had some great adventures with our new couchsurfing friends. We got to hang with people from Turkey, U.S.A., Belgium, Canada and Japan. We also had a few turkish foods that needed to be enjoyed before we left Turkey. Like Kumpiri (baked potato with attitude) and Waffle topped with – as my momma used to say, “the Lord only knows what”.istpriscwaffleisttjham

On the 17th of November we will rendezvous in Bali, Indonesia where we will be meeting friends, and making new ones. We are going to see what mischief they are getting themselves into.

On the 11th of December we go to New Zealand which we are trying to make into our home base to travel out from. So far we have a a son, a storm damaged yurt and some friends with farms to park it on. Not too bad huh.

China Turkey

Wild camping and holidaying in Cirali, Turkey

Cirali, right next to the ancient town of Olympos, is simply the best place to wild camp in Turkey. The beach is the nicest in the country and there are free toilets and a water supply. We were parked next to the sand, under huge trees, and it was great! Plenty of other wild campers also from all over Europe.

But if you don’t have a camper, there are heaps of ensions to choose from. We had a bad experience in one of them and shifted over to Şahin Pension which was great. Apo is the friendly owner. He speaks English, German and Turkish. They have wifi, restaurant, and even their own boat for cruises. Good prices also. If you don’t mind a little walk into the main part of town, check out Şahin Pension down the end of the road.



Photos from Earthquake Area

Well, they made it and gave away their cargo. turkeqteam A photo of the city of “Van”. turkeqborder


More on Earthquake

Andrew and Priscilla went into Antalya today to get blankets and warm clothes. He went into the slums of Antalya to get the supplies he would take to the earthquake victims. These people have nothing and yet they bought brand new blankets for the victims. They stuffed every nook and cranny of the truck and sent them off. They didn’t send them to the distribution center in Van after all. They sent them directly to a village of 2000 that was hit quite hard and has received nothing from the outside as of yet due to the difficult road situation. At least that is the news I got Anna. Haven’t heard from them directly but to us The people of the Antalya are heroes and Priscilla is a hero and my man is a hero. Pray for safety. It is a very long 2 days drive.


Earthquake Relief in Turkey

Andrew took off this morning in our home to take warm clothes and blankets to the earthquake survivors in Eastern turkey.

Last night we took our personal belongings out of the truck so that it can fit more in for the 1400 km trip to the edge of Turkey. He takes Priscilla with him. She is being baptized by fire as she arrived only yesterday. Yikes! He left us to go to a Kurdish center in Antalya to pick up cargo and a young Kurdish man who has volunteered to be his translator/navigator. The Kurds are a persecuted minority here as in many other parts of the world. They tend to be quite poor.  In! faith they have gathered warm clothes and blankets for the earthquake survivors while having no means or money to send it across the country. So, on our end Andrew talked to Anna who talked to Ishmael who talked to the Kurds. Now, their sacrificial gifts are on their way.


We will keep you posted on what happens next.

If you want to help with costs… It will be alot of fuel, food on the road and the cost of a place for the family at Sahin Pension while he is gone. They have given us a huge break for our one room that the 6 left behind are squeezing into but it is still way more than we usually pay for the night. Especially seeing as most nights we are wild camping for free.

Anyway… Here is where to give money:

“Turkish Earthquake Relief”

Community Development Initiatives, 3300 Bell Rd.,Montgomery, Alabama, 36116-1345,

RBC Centura Bank,CDI – Gateway, Account #521-0023545, Routing #053100850

If we get more than we can use we will pass it on to those that can use it well.

The Kurds have stepped out in faith. We have tried to follow suit. How about you.

Sorry no pics yet



Earthquake in Turkey

Turkey has just experience a huge earthquake. 7.2. A thousand people feared dead. Maybe more.

(Photo: Reuters/Abdurrahman Antakyali/Anadolu Agency)

We are 1000kms from the earthquake and did not feel anything. Far enough from the earthquake to be unaffected but close enough to drive there and assist the rescue efforts.

I have a friend named Ismael who is contacting the Red Crescent today to see if our family can help out. We have a strong truck and could easily transport cans of food, blankets, tents or water. The main road out of Vans is destroyed but I think our 4×4 overlander, with its high clearance, could make it through.

Once I hear from the Red Crescent what the needs are and how we could help, I will post something here.

QUITE POSSIBLY, I might need some volunteers to come. You would fly to Antalya tomorrow and we will take 2.5 days to drive there. We might need money for diesel and food and whatever supplies are needed. Will let you know soon.


We Love Turkey

We love Turkey. What can we say. Other travelers have told us how Turkey leaves them with a sense of awe. How much they love Turkey. Well, we have joined the club.

We raced to Turkey to have some great experiences with Sam before he left us, once again, to go to New Zealand and start University. The people are authentically friendly and hospitable. Things are ancient. From the Haggia Sophia, which holds symbols of the height of Christianity and Mulsim, side by side, to the random ruin you find at a wild camping spot on the Gallipoli penninsula.


Not to forget, challenging that fish that laughed at you yesterday. We have only been here a bit more than a week and are excited for what the next day holds.