Prague to London to New York

We are on our way now. Backpackers for 7 months. Yup, very light packers. Well, I thought we would be. Actually we are only taking a few clothes. It is just all the other stuff – beddding for 5, a kitchen (stove, pots, bowls, cups and utensils), office, laundry (brush and tube of soap), toilet […]

Our incredibly shrinking family…or is it

So, lost another post to the trials of Ecto. You see I have sort of a love hate relationship with Ecto. Anyway, not much lost just my moaning mum stuff as 2 of my kids fly the nest in the same week. The night before the flight to London the nearby river overflowed and took the […]

Getting ready to leave “the Farm”

As we are getting ready to leave John and Sues farm we look back on the unexpected, amazing times of the last week. We had use of an amazing barn the whole week. FULL of sofas and overstuffed chairs. an oven and lots of dishes for lots of people. Some of the young ladies that […]

Boys are Back

Sam and Donald came back, left for Edinburgh and came back again. They have just spent 24 days walking 500 km across the top of Spain on the “Camino de Santiago”. They have promised to put up some photos here of their adventures. Here they are in the barn in Petworth. Andrew is very happy. […]

Back in Britain

We decided to hang out in Britain for a while. Andy and T let us stay at their place and made us “Andy’s Puddle Pudding” and showed us how to make it. We found a great campground outside of Walton on the Thames. It is a membership only site for the “Camping and Caravanning Club”. […]


We just finished our 3rd festival of the summer. Greenbelt. We celebrated Abi’s birthday with lots of bubbles. Perfect for Abi. We just happened to have a polish bubble inventor with us (I am serious) Patricia (the bubologist) can be seen in the first picture on the right, with the pixie hat, and behind Abi’s […]