mum's rants Portugal

A crooked window


Happily waking up this morning surrounded by billowing, beige, canvas and doing way too much thinking. Thinking why do me and Andrew choose to sleep in our little tent when we were offered a bedroom in the large villa next to us. Our girls are in the bedroom because we didnt want it. We normally sleep in our truck and sleeping surrounded by canvas is a special luxury for us because campgrounds charge extra for our little tent and it looks too obvious when we are wild camping. We didnt want the bedroom. Are we weird or something?

So anyway, as I got out of our little canvas sleeping chamber (tent) I saw the crooked window in the shed I see every morning since we arrived. I see the crooked window. Or is it. The other day I was talking to Edna about it while we were staring at this window. You see the window only looks crooked. It was put in with a “spirit level”. The window is straight. The window is fine. The window is true to its nature. The building was built by the builders of the large villa. A place to shelter from the sun and siesta. A place to rest and sleep. The building lies straight with the lay of the land so as to lessen its impact on the land.  The building is straight. The building is fine. The building is true to its nature.

We havent been very good at saying the why of what we are doing on our blog. The truth is, now that mum and dad are in their 40s, we are learning about being true to our nature. Giving ourselves permission to be ourselves. True to the way we believe God created us to be. You know, no two of us are the same, inside and out. We started traveling again because it is true to our nature. Sure it is not the norm. It doesnt seem consistent with the straight line of contemporary culture. We are lousy at keeping up a house, our hearts just arent into it. Sure, we like to play with a house but we sure dont act grown up and responsible with it. I figure what if we traveled not because we are hedonists or rebels or circus performers or outlaws but because it is true to our nature. Are we blazing a trail for others like us. It is time to stop playing house and feeling guilty about not being like anyone else. We actually are grown up and we are settling into our lives. Lives that are true to our nature.Yeah, we ARE weird but this is who we are. You know I think we need to accept each other with all our differences. What is right for us may not be right for you. What is right for you may not be right for me. We need to accept the uniqueness of each other. To DANCE together in a technicolour celebration of diversity. Maybe there would be less wars if we did this. Less judgement. More joy.