Last few weeks in the USA

The last few weeks in the US have been a whirlwind. Here are some of our pics and memories. We had a great New Years eve at the Crowne Plaza south of San Francisco. What a great time. We have always seen the balloons dropping on people’s heads at the stroke of midnight but never […]

One Big Family

Here we go the Cosper side of the Jonesberry family. A big group huh. Some of my favourite memories from this Christmas. Holding my new nieces and seeing my kids do the same. Thanks, Eric and Jenny, for being such nice relaxed parents that you let us hold your beautiful treasures, Lola and Grace. Playing […]

Dancing Skeleton’s at the Christmas Table

It is early Christmas morning. I am the only one awake. We have been having such a great time with my family. The month has just raced by. You know, we haven’t gone back home for Christmas in America for 10 years. The last time the kids have been back was about 5 years ago. […]

Big Road Adventures in the Western U.S.

So, now safely in Oregon. Oh, the sights that we saw. We were quite well looked after with our full-service pit stop crew. We were well motivated with our dashboard mascot. Isn’t she photogenic. We had interesting diversions along the road. We saw lots of cotton harvesting into huge cotton cakes. We felt motivated and […]


  So here we are going home for Thanksgiving. What do we see? A Blizzard. Seriously! The blizzard is coming in, they have closed the roads!. We are checked into a hotel in beautiful Ogden, Utah. Turn on the weather channel and they are talking about our blizzard with lovely Ogden smack in the center. […]


Check it out.   We found our big boy, Sam! Unfortunately we had to leave Lizzy in Houston to go to Austin to find him. We took the Sam tour of Austin which included taking us to his work, at Cafe Medici, and preparing us drinks. He showed us his flat, that he signed a […]


Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy, we got to Lizzy. We love Lizzy. We miss Lizzy. We found Lizzy! We found Lizzy in Tomball, Texas. Yeah, I know why would Lizzy be in Tomball, Texas. The very good reason is Jessica. We Love Jessica and Lizzy came to Tomball to be with Jessica. Lizzy is here going to […]

Montgomery, Alabama

We picked dad up in Atlanta, GA and got on the road for Texas via Montgomery, Al. Check out my handsome man in front of his sweet ride. We were encouraged to come to Montgomery by our old friend, Alan Cross, to come for some “good ‘ol southern hospitality”. Of course we started out with […]

Finished the Pilgrimage

Well, we did it. TJ walked 3 1/2 miles on the first day. Me, Abi and Hannah did 44 miles in 4 days. What a great time. What great people to walk with. So many new friends. The Gadsden Times did a little speal on us and the press helped us feel like celebrities. Check […]

Pilgrim Photos

Just finished 2nd day of walking. More than halfway through. Really tired but thot I would put up a few quick photos. A photo of most of the pilgrims. Uh, yes, why that is a volkeswagon on the top of our “Blister Bus”. This bus used to be a family home and is mid-conversion to […]