A Pilgrimage for Nomads

Well, we’re doing it. We are going to walk the 40 miles from Thursday to Sunday. Me, Abi, Hannah and TJ and oh so many more. Do you see the mischief we get up to when Andrew is away. We have come to Alabama to meet up with our friends, Al and Tina Nord, and […]

Some Thoughts about fear

I have been thinking a lot lately but unable to formulate my thoughts into any flowing paragraph or post but my thoughts are hounding me, asking for a place to sit. Here is such a place. A place for my random thoughts. Some require something of me but I am not sure what. Others simply […]

The House of the Toymaster

What is almost as good as staying in a house full of kids? Staying in the house of the Toymaster, of course! We stayed at “Mt. Strickmore” for a few days, near Charlotte, and had a great time. Their daughter, Jessica, lived with us for 3 years in Prague and is presently living in Houston, […]

Carol Brady’s Wagon

Yes, yes, we finally found a car. Dare I say we found THE CAR. It was quite amazing actually. Let me take you back to the original NYC trip so you can enjoy the full picture. When Mauricio picked us up from the airport we were dreaming about the perfect vehicle to take us across […]

Washington D.C.

Got hosted by another amazing family in the D.C. area. The Shengs. They have a house in the vast suburbs of Washington D.C. A house abundant in hospitality and generosity. We had a great time meeting their friends and hearing their stories. We went to lots of the famous Washington D.C. museums. We saw the […]

Busing from NYC to Washington D.C.

Here we are in NYC. At the “Borders” next to Penn Station. We are waiting here bags and people piled high in a lump against one of the ceiling to floor windows waiting for our “Bolt” bus that leaves in little over an hour across the street. We did not get the van we were […]