Living New Zealand

Working at a vineyard

Started working at the Waipara Hills Vineyard yesterday as a ‘seasonal worker’. We are trying something new. Me and Andrew are working at the vineyard while TJ ( who now wants to be called Tim Tam now) and Hannah ( who now wants to be called Gwennie) are across the street at the camp in our truck studying and playing and looking after each other. All quite fun right now. If it continues it will be nice as we can get some money put away. It is quite fun working side by side with Andrew in the field with Czechs and Malaysians and Germans and a nice Samoan man. I expect we will be thinking many profound thoughts, that We will be sure to blog. as We learn our job better and stop concentrating so much on pruning the grape vines. It is less physically demanding than apple picking but requires more thought at this stage. It is quite embarrassing that several times I have caught myself talking to the grape vines. Right now, my ankles are a bit sore from squatting down all day and I am busting with pride that my 2 youngest girls did so well. We wouldn’t be able to both be at the vineyard if Hannah and TJ, oops Tim Tam and Gwennie weren’t such awesome young ladies who look at difficulties and challenges as adventures with excitement and joy. So if you see some nice ‘Waipara Hills‘ or ‘Mud House‘ wine think of us when you drink it.