Thanksgiving in the Algarve

We had a great Thanksgiving. How about you? I gotta tell you there are so many American holiday traditions that we dont bring over. Choosing instead to enjoy the local customs. This is one holiday, however, that we love to observe every year, wherever we are. It is just a great holiday that I dont think has been altered as much as other holidays. It is about celebration, food, family, life and community with each other and the indigenous people.  You gotta love it!


Elizabeth had to say goodbye to her pet pumpkin so we could make our pumpkin pie. A very emotional experience for her.


We all cooked and the cooking started the day before.


Andrew cooked the turkey on a bbq with some modifications with tin foil an oven shelf or two and a pot. He was very proud of his invention.


Those who enjoyed our meal were our family, Donald (U.K.), Denny (U.S.) and lots of new Portuguese friends. Edna especially kept visiting the kitchen and getting tastes every once in a while saying, “these are things you dream about”. I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful too. Now time for the clean-up. hmmmmm.