The Euphoria of Waiting


We enjoy a nice shower more than you.

Well, probably.

You see, this is my theory. In an age of instant gratification we rob ourselves of the ecstatic joy of receiving something we have done without. Something we have dreamed about and waited for.

Let me explain it better.

Have you ever been so tired that when you finally get to bed, put your head on that nice squishy pillow and pull those warm covers up that you laugh for the sheer joy of finally being able to lie down. Well, if you never get to that point of fatigue, that wanting but not receiving, waiting then your bed is the expected outcome at the end of the day, no joy.

Kind of like a shower at the beginning of the day. Normal occurance for most, eh. Showers are not a regular, daily experience for us. Last week we had gone a week + without a shower. I know, yuck!  We were driving and parking at rest areas for the night, wild camping at the Black sea coast, parking at an abandoned gas station. It was hot, we were sweaty, the only thing worse than the other person’s aroma was your own. We could jump into the sea but my hair still felt like it was made of cardboard. Then, Andrew found a cheap, old school, post-communist camping ground. First question. Do you have showers? Second Question. Are they warm? I opened up the wobbly door and went into the pink, cement room. When I turned the water on a gentle trickle of warm water came out of the nozzle. Sheer bliss, heaven in a gentle stream of water. Aaaaaah! Has there ever been something so beautiful, ever. After the shower it took me a while to come down from the euphoria. I sat back on some cushions at our camping site. When my hair dried I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it. No longer was I feeling a lump of straw on the top of my head. I was feeling silk.

When you live in a non-instant-gratification world you get to enjoy the world that much more. The euphoria of a shower, a bed, a sit-down toilet, a sofa….

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  • Sisterlisa on September 17, 2011

    I totally understand. I mean.. I have never gone that long without a shower before, but I enjoy camping and ‘get’ what you’re saying. Glad to find your blog. We hope to go on the road full time too.