TJs 12th Birthday

Back on the North Island of New Zealand just before TJs 12th birthday.  Lizzy’s flatmates were all gone for the weekend and offered us the run of the flat, thanks guys.  We also got to park the truck just 2 doors down at the Newtown Bowling Club.  Excellent!  You know, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just ask.  The 4 girls were planning the party long before we even got on the ferry. The theme was ‘Rise of the Brave, Tangled, Frozen Dragons’. Apparently it is a combined ‘fandom’ (fanatic domain).  I know, I know.  This is what whale a when you have a geek daughter (Gwennie).  Such an education.

After our breakfast of waffles and strawberries and checking out ‘the boyfriend’ (Abi’s boyfriend) we wandered around Wellington in costume.  The funny thing about doing this in Wellington is that people don’t seem to realise you are in costume. They just seem to think you are normally like this.

We rushed home from the town centre to get ready for the party. We were planning on throwing this party from the truck but Lizzys flatmates were all out and offered us the run of the flat for the weekend. To make things even better the Newtown Bowling Club, two doors down from lizzys flat, let us park in their lot. How great is that. You know, sometimes you just gotta ask. So, the flat filled up with big kids and little kids. We played games , ate sweets and blew out candles from the beautiful cake Lizzy made.   One of those great days.


  • Jenny HarrisMackay on April 7, 2014

    Happy Birthday T.J. We love and miss you and wish you a life of happy birthdays. Jen, Cam Lorna Emily Tom, Esmay and especially CHARLOTTE

  • tamsin carter on April 1, 2014

    Love it! Happy birthday TJ!