Turquoise Blue Water

It has been stormy this last week, in Turkey. Severe gales of winds and just as you think the sun will come out you get pelted with rain.

The bluest seas come with the storm. They are already a beautiful blue and transparent. It is easy to get mesmerized watching a small squid or the flying fish skimming across the top. It is the storms, however that stir up the bed of the seas and make it all an opaque turquoise.

Quite beautiful.

Quite poetic as well that such striking beauty comes from a storm.

As we drove along the coast I was reminded of when I was a teenager. Being young and naive and thinking I knew quite a bit about the world I had never seen I would spout out foolishness with confidence. Those words come back to me from time to time.

I remember seeing a photo of an opaque turqoise sea. I spouted with confidence. “I know that photo is doctored because it is impossible for the ocean or sea to be that colour.” My knowledge of the colour of seas being limited to the muddy brown waters of my particular part of the New Jersey coast. I now know better. I wonder what else I was wrong about. What foolish things I still say out of ignorance.