Wild Winds

It all started when we were watching Doctor Who series 1 disc 3 and episode 3 and 4 (a double episode) the empty child and the doctor dances. We first noticed the storm when the truck started to rock and mum looked outside and the tent was slowly going down. She called dad to come and they went out side to try and fix it. When they came back we played the show again a few minutes later dad looked outside and said we should take down the tent. So after about a minute or so hannah mum and dad were all outside taking it down ( i convinced hannah to let me stay in for i might blow away) then i was left alone in the wobbling truck after a while when the tent was almost down dad came in and told me to come outside in the end i went outside. At first it wasn’t so strong but then a gust of wind came and ill admit i didn’t leave the ladder and quickly i scrambled inside and sat in the back of the truck. When i looked outside i saw both of them mum and dad laughing ant talking as the wind lifted the tent and back down again. When the tent was nice and safe in the van mum and dad decided that they would go around and see if anybody els needed help with there stuff when me and Hannah had made the bed, got in to our pj’s and brushed our teeth mum came back and said that tents had been ripped, a metal shed came down (just a small one) and everybody’s power went out except our’s so when dad came back we enjoyed our doctor who even more. and when it ended we all enjoyed turning off and on the lights. This morning mum found out that not just everybody’s power went out in this camping ground, actually 28,000 people lost electricity ( not us) and the wind speed went up to about 140 kph. So school’s of for the day (not for me) and its still thunder and lightning storms yay.