Wwoofing at Riverside

It looks like we are about ready to leave the South Island of New Zealand and head north again.  As always there are more things that we would love to have done.  That is for next time.  Andrew has only a week and a half working the hop harvest while I have been woofing at Riverside Community.  We figure that if I can’t work the harvest then at least I can help cut down our living expenses.  I work in the garden and sew and cook in exchange for staying here, food from the garden and milk.  It is my first “official” woofing experience.  Although, I realise that there is not that much difference between wwoofing and the way we like to travel.  We don’t like to be a burden and like to help out however we can.  After all, it is the travellers way isn’t it?

riverside trucks

We have had such a great time here.  TJ is out on adventures all day.  She has been learning circus skills, self defence, painting, drawing, shadow puppets and adventuring with friends.  Gwennie/Hannah has been reading, drawing and hanging out with friends she met at the “library geeks club” she met last time here.  Before we got here I was thinking that I miss being with global nomads and we have found them here among the wwoofers.  I have also enjoyed wrestling with areas about permaculture, responsible living, alternative monetary systems and bees.  We have been sharing food and life and sharing stories of adventure.  We have been challenged and loved.  What amazing people they have attracted  here.  It will be difficult to leave here.