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Having killed a number of motorhomes through constant travel, including a very fine Winnebago, we decided something more robust would be appropriate. While Andrew was looking for a truck in London to convert a 4 wheel drive expedition vehicle turned up on ebay for GBP 3500 on the same islands as we were living.  When it failed to sell we went to have a look at this unfinished project and even though the amount of work needed to make it livable was daunting we offered the guy the money he wanted and took the project off his hands.  The truck itself was one of the strongest trucks ever built. A german built Magirus Deutz favoured by militaries around the world for its off-road capabilities and durability. Maggie was a 4 wheel drive 16 ton truck  ( actually weighs 7 tonnes but what potential) with diff lock, front and rear lock and powered by an air-cooled 6 cylinder, 6 litre Deutz diesel engine.  After 4 months hard work by the whole family and friends we left towards Africa…. the long way.



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Truck Specs

1987 Magirus Deutz

6 litre, 6 cylinder air-cooled Deutz engine

back of truck small8.5 meters long, 3.7 meters high, 2.35 meters wide,

4×4, diff lock, forward and rear lock

On-road/off-road gears: 6 forward, 1 reverse

3-point torsion-free mounting of box

Fibreglass clad box on 40mm steel fram

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peter out truck


donald at dam1799


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