Protecting the Turtles at Çıralı Turkey

Yesterday I arrived back in Turkey.The beach here at Çıralı is famous among campers because its the best place to wild camp for free in Turkey. Our family was here for a month last year and really enjoyed the ancient ruins of Olympos right next to the beach. This beach is protected from development because it […]

Last days in Istanbul

Family is now in a couple of different places. It all happened quite quickly as the tickets weren’t booked until the crew came back from Van. Andrew is going through Egypt. He is taking Natasha back to her dad. Lizzy and Abi went with dad for the sheer friendship and fun of it. Not to […]

Wild camping and holidaying in Cirali, Turkey

Cirali, right next to the ancient town of Olympos, is simply the best place to wild camp in Turkey. The beach is the nicest in the country and there are free toilets and a water supply. We were parked next to the sand, under huge trees, and it was great! Plenty of other wild campers […]

More on Earthquake

Andrew and Priscilla went into Antalya today to get blankets and warm clothes. He went into the slums of Antalya to get the supplies he would take to the earthquake victims. These people have nothing and yet they bought brand new blankets for the victims. They stuffed every nook and cranny of the truck and […]

Earthquake Relief in Turkey

Andrew took off this morning in our home to take warm clothes and blankets to the earthquake survivors in Eastern turkey. Last night we took our personal belongings out of the truck so that it can fit more in for the 1400 km trip to the edge of Turkey. He takes Priscilla with him. She […]

Earthquake in Turkey

Turkey has just experience a huge earthquake. 7.2. A thousand people feared dead. Maybe more. (Photo: Reuters/Abdurrahman Antakyali/Anadolu Agency) We are 1000kms from the earthquake and did not feel anything. Far enough from the earthquake to be unaffected but close enough to drive there and assist the rescue efforts. I have a friend named Ismael […]

Turquoise Blue Water

It has been stormy this last week, in Turkey. Severe gales of winds and just as you think the sun will come out you get pelted with rain. The bluest seas come with the storm. They are already a beautiful blue and transparent. It is easy to get mesmerized watching a small squid or the […]

The Echo of Hippies around Oludinez

It is interesting to think of what would remain of our dreams when we are long gone. Something we normally don’t think about. Will our dreams simply be a few stones stacked up that some archaeologist will think was some outhouse but it was your sanctuary. We came here to meet up with some New […]

Planking in Ephesus

Have you ever heard of planking? Having the privilege of multiple teenagers under one roof I have. We have been to Troy and hung out of the windows of the horse replica, smelled the sweetness of figs as we meander among ancient pillars and steps while listening to the song of the Imam calling the […]