Cousins are Important

Last night we got together with the cousins on Andrew’s side of the family. We enjoyed a collection of food of magnificent proportions that grew as each carload arrived through the front door to make their contribution. The stars of the night were Uncle Neil’s lamb chops, Sister Sarah’s scalloped potatoes, Cousin Megan’s roasted pumpkin […]

Squatter and Kermit

Have discovered a traditional Australian game that we love. Jules introduced it to us. It is called “Squatter”. It is a game about sheep farming that replaces the american optimism with lots of doom, despair and misery. They say it is “realistic”. I guess it would be with footrot, broken fences and  almost continuous drought. […]


We made it to Australia! Sorry took so long to post but I had to wrestle Andrew away from our only living computer long enough to get my photos and write this post : ) I do hope you appreciate all the trials and tribulations I go through for you. Well, the journey has been […]