I would like to tell you a bit about where we are staying right now. We are staying with Al and Anita in a small beach town in New Zealand. They have 5 acres on the edge of the poorer part of their town. If there is a crime in this town, this is where the police […]

A Transformation or Realization of Nomads

Before we had our first child, from the comfort of our own old brick flat, surrounded by rose bushes with the knowledge of a siberian refugee family renting the big old house we owned on the other side of town, we made a vow. The vow was to each other and to a loving higher […]

Nettles and Men

Started listening to Le Miserables while working in the vineyard. This is something I got this week. One day he saw some country people busily engaged in pulling up nettles; he examined the plants, which were uprooted and already dried, and said: “They are dead. Nevertheless, it would be a good thing to know how […]

Save like a Grandma

When Andrew and I got married we got the most wonderful gift from his mum. It was a lovely homemade duvet cover. It was an assortment of fabric squares sewn together. After looking at it on our bed Andrew noticed fabric that reminded him of an old shirt he had, another reminded him of his […]

Philanthropy and Giving

In a couple of books I have been enjoying (Walden and Anna Karenina) benevolence is looked at with question or down right negativity. In Walden, Thoreau writes about ‘goodness tainted’. He also states, “If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the constant design of doing me good, […]

Elderflower Season

It is spring and with it Elderflower season.  Well, at least in the Southern Hemisphere. I saw elderflowers growing on the side of the road last week and made some plans for the weekend. Saturday came and on the way home from the Agricultural show, where we were oogling tractors, sheep wool, horses and getting […]

Working at a vineyard

Started working at the Waipara Hills Vineyard yesterday as a ‘seasonal worker’. We are trying something new. Me and Andrew are working at the vineyard while TJ ( who now wants to be called Tim Tam now) and Hannah ( who now wants to be called Gwennie) are across the street at the camp in […]

The Huntress

DISCLAIMER: If you are a vegetarian do not read this post. Go no further. This post is not for you. You have been warned.  I love my vegetarian and vegan and breatharian and raw foodist friends and don’t want to offend you.  I talk about shooting rabbits, along with the how and why of it. […]

How does friendship happen on the Road

People who have not been nomads can easily assume that we cannot have deep friendships if we live on the road. I always find it quite strange when I am confronted with this assumption because it is the depth of relationship that I miss most when we go OFF the road. When we are not […]