Liz’s Toilet Terrors in France and Spain

When I asked about the toilets, Hannah not only told me where they were but gave me other advise too. She told me to push the red button to lock the door, which I did confidently. I tried the door again and sure enough it was locked. Just as a smirk of satisfaction crossed my […]

French Aire number 2

Our next French Aire was a parking lot right on a beautiful beach that was next to a small village at the very southwest of France. The boys had a friend to meet and dad could do admin. He had to be creative but it was possible. There was electricity for the truck and access […]

French Aires on the way south

Did we tell you we discovered “Stellplatz” in Germany. Absolutely brilliant spaces for free or minimal cost in Germany. So we bought ourselves a little book, in German, that has paid for itself over and over. Actually, I think it would be impossible to find without a GPS. So, we decided to try our luck […]

Farmers stand in France

I tell you I love roadside farmers stands. On our way to see friends in Grenoble, France, Andrew stopped so I could get some rasberries to share with our friend. Things always taste better from a farmer’s stand. Mum

Speaking French, Finally

I am writing a memory to backdate to where it belongs back in 2008 but I would put it here first. For the last month, or so, we have been working on our french language tapes with Michael Thomas. We tell the kids that soon we will be in France. People don’t like to speak […]