An Artistic Antwerp for Christmas and New Years

Just a couple of days before Christmas and we are aware that Maggie will not be on the move.  So, Derek and Amy let us use their artsy apartment in Antwerp for the actual holidays.  A few trains and a bus later we arrive.  As we walk into the building of our artist loft  ‘home […]


Told a story today about getting rid of trash while wild camping in Antwerp. Thought I would tell it here as well. First of all, travel tip, dont use big bin bags. Small carrier bags are easier to get rid of when wild camping. So here we are in Antwerp. We had just done a […]

Belgium – catching up

In Belgium on our way to Antwerp Liz practising her sax while staying at another Stellplatz (Legal, free camping) We met the band, “the Dump Brothers”. They had their rehearsal outside our truck and taught Liz one of their songs and let her join in for the rehearsal. Way to go Lizzie after only 2 […]