I woke early in the day we were going to Indonesia. I made sure my backpack was packed and waited for the others to wake up as well.  It was hot in India. It was only me and Mum, Gwennie and Priscilla. My dad and other 2 sisters were in Egypt. We were going to […]

Last, Busy days in Bali

The last few days in Bali really sped up. We got to hang with lots of people who were Muslim, Hindu and Christian. We talked about religious practices and history, coffee and sugar, trust and peace, hostels and land, honour and respect. I learned about life in a country where religious divisions are part of […]

Wedding in Bali

People are so friendly here. We were invited into a wedding that was happening next door. We couldn’t say no. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Irwin Oley on the occasion of their wedding. Irwin is the Reservation Manager for Alila Hotels and Resorts in Bali.

International Aids Awareness Day

  Today is International Aids Awareness Day. How did you spend it? We spent it with a group of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists to make a statement. Many of us wore T-shirts that said, “I’m peacemaker”. These young people have gone to many “Peace Camps” together and are looking for ways to work together […]

Thanksgiving in Bali

There are many American and Western holidays that I would never want to duplicate in a new country. That is not true of Thanksgiving. It is a holiday of giving thanks for a good harvest and provision of the last year. It is a moment to stop with friends and family to give thanks. We […]

Bald Eagle

  Our lovely Elizabeth has declared that she doesn’t want to be defined by her long blonde hair. She said she feels like a “walking cliche” at times. She is making a new beginning. Yesterday, Priscilla, her sisters and friends cut her long blonde hair and then shaved her head.