Getting a haircut in Portugal

Portugal really is one of our favourite countries. Silves is one of those old, historic, windy-narrow-cobblestone-roads kind of city that makes a great experience. One of my fondest memories is getting my haircut as my Christmas gift. We were really broke but we all had 5 Euros each to get a present.My present was an […]

Hanging in Spain and Geocaching success

So to catch up or should I also say “Cache” up. He, he, he. We went out the next day to try again. We looked at the comments and looked for one that everyone found that tried. and…… SUCCESS!!! So we touched into Portugal and Paulo and Edna came down to see us at Monte […]

Going Geocaching

We have been checking out the Geocaching website. I found out about it on Families on the Road. They have a “Roadschooling” section. Seemed like a natural fit. I watched the little videos. Showed it to the kids. It looked so easy. It is like a treasure hunt with a GPS. There are these amazing little […]

A word about Paulo and Edna and Family

So, been having some great conversations with Paulo and Edna. Living in the Algarve in a bizarre mix of abundance and simplicity and love. Their home is a flat in a rundown villa. They have a circle drive, a beautiful pool and majestic patios. The furnishings are simple and well used. There are animals galore […]

Mums Tattoo

  Well, I finally did it. After over 12 years of talking about it I finally got my tattoo. Paulo worked on it for 2 hours. It did hurt – alot. He would still like to do some more colour. But, this is the one I have been imagining all those years. It is the […]

Hannah’s Birthday

  Today was Hannah’s 12th birthday. It was a day filled with joy, happiness and drifting with tasty smells of chicken and banana cake. The Jones family tradition consists of the birthday person getting to choose the food that they want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. Hannah chose English Breakfast, tuna sandwiches, banana and chocolate […]

A snapshot. in the Algarve

The rain and wind swirled around us all night. The sun came out this morning. I was so happy I ran around taking pictures of everyone. Ever feel like doing that? Capturing a moment? A snapshot. Gee, what a surprise. Lizzy is in the truck playing the sax. She is jamming to beatles songs. She […]

Christmas in Portugal

Christmas in Portugal. We are staying at the Conscious Earth Eco-village. We will ask them to heat up the sauna for Christmas day. They also have an outdoor kitchen where we will cook out our rolled turkey in raisin and orange sauce. Yes, we are in the middle of an orange grove so finding oranges […]

Camping in a Hurricane

Last night there was a hurricane. Serious, no exaggeration. First the teenager report than the official one from the news guys. Me and Andrew had a great time watching the light display and hearing the music of the rain from our bed through the night. A bit worried about Samuel and Alana (Donald stayed back […]

Silves and the grooviest campground in the Algarve

We went to Silves, Portugal and met some more nice people, including Klaus, “Like Santa he says”. We looked around a bit. We like Silves but were feeling really scruffy and were kind of dissapointed after determining that the pool was way over priced for us. It also required speedos for men, one piece suits […]