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You know, ever since we went to SLOT Festival in Poland the first time, we just can’t seem to avoid it. We have now been 4 times in a row. We weren’t even planning on going this year until about a week before. We all love it. There are workshops on everything from black-smithing swords […]

Slot – catch-up

Our first festival of the summer was the Slot festival in Poland. The Nuvi in our truck brought us an interesting route. We arrived with a day to spare to get ready. Hannah has the hairdo ready. Andrew has other preparations. Hmmmm. What is in the shovel…… give up…. Camp Jones is now ready at […]

Energetic models

The large, intimidating light shone on me and Klara. It marked the photo shoot commencing. Beth held up her Large Camera and my mum held up her inferior one to capture the moment. Before we new it we were crowded with kids posing in very interesting and funny ways. We all even got out an […]