USA 2014


We went to USA for a couple of months.  Here are some non-linear highlights.

Andrew, Hannah and Ben became comic book heroes and went to ‘APE’, an alternative publishing event.


We made new friends and found some new tribe.  One even had a matching tattoo that he got in Egypt as well.


We got to go to our old house in the middle of the Redwoods.  We were living there when Hannah was born.


And who goes to the Redwoods without driving through a tree.


We went on a magical cupcake tour with Lizzy, our cupcakeateer daughter.


We traveled by plane, by bus, by friend, anyway we could to get to where we needed to go.


We hung out with some hippies and other vehicle dwelling people.


We got to see alot of family, including….

got to see



We got together with family and friends and had lots of great food together. Here we are enjoying some gourmet ice cream at ‘Bi-rite” in San Francisco.  Later on we will tell you where we found the best BBQ on our America trip.  I think you will be surprised.

ice cream

Hannah studied ‘very’ hard for her GED and passed….at 16 years old!  Booyah!

hannah ged

We learned about, made and distributed “fair-trade hot sauce” with Michael Toy himself.  And, the answer is yes, he does live at Toyland.

hot sauce

We celebrated Halloween up north and went on a Halloween parade with people we love and a whole lot of strangers through a ‘Pirate Town’.  That is TJ dressed up as a sugar skull.


We celebrated Thanksgiving in California with more people we love.


Actually, we had lots of meals and parties with lots of people we love.


At one of the parties TJ got to learn some magic from a real live professional magician.  Can you believe his name is Mike Toy, do you see a theme here?  And, no, he does NOT live at toyland.  At least I don’t think so.


Did we mention the great coffee?  We stumbled upon ‘free coffee friday’ at Bicycle coffee.  I mean what coffee shop does that?  A whole day offering fantastic free coffee.  Andrew was VERY happy. The inner scotsman and the inner kiwi were smiling.


All in all, a great time.  Thanks everyone for putting up with us, pampering us and especially for loving us.